Why Join SpLinter Group?

Below is a video, made by SpLinter Group, to show what we do, what we're about and what some members think about SpLinter itself. Please watch and see if you are interested. 



At SpLinter Group, our members take part in many different activities throughout the year. From things like bowling, day trips and gaming sessions to fundraising and raising awareness of learning differences, everybody has a different reason for joining and gets different things out of it. Everybody is made to feel welcome and will be given time to settle into the group. We even have our own group for young women only called 'Splinter Sisters'. We are open for anyone aged 18+ with a learning difference. If you want to join or are considering joining, please contact us and someone will be in touch.


Here is what some members think of their time in the Splinter Group and what they've achieved and enjoyed...


"I enjoy SpLinter Group. We have been to lots of different places. I have met so many different people. They have taught me so much. Throughout this time, they still get together on Zoom for game nights. They have taught me how to sell waffles and stuff at stalls. I even got my Health & Hygiene Level 2" - Emily Mathieson


"Through SpLinter, I got freedom and enjoyment, improved my social skills and my indpendence. The activies are fun and done with friendly people. I liked going to meetings and seeing new people. I got qualifications and learned new life skills. I liked doing Waffling On, thought it was great. Overall, I got a lot of confidence!" - Jordan


"I enjoy being part of SpLinter. I like the social events, have found employment through them and think that everybody in the group is fun to be around and friendly too. I think the staff are helpful, polite and good at encouraging too. I have not regretted joining."  - Andrew