Gaming Group


Here at SpLinter Group, we also have a focus on gaming. Many members like to play games and, as a result, a gaming group has formed (as part of Waffling On). Headed by Dennis, the group is creating a game, hosts events and is looking to get cosplay featured too in the future. 


Dilemma of Difference

A virtual novel set in medieval times, the game is being created by Dennis and will feature 3 main characters, all with a different type of learning difference. It is intended that the created version will be playable for all. 


Gaming Events

We host gaming events, from Amble, with the help of Game Day Events, (hoping to resume post-covid) in which several games consoles, PCs and TVs can be used to help create a gaming environment for people interested in taking part. We intend to take these events on the road (when the time allows) and will bring the Waffling On trailer too. Tournaments are created in these events for people to sign up for and take part in. We have even had VR headsets used at previous events. Future events are hopefully going to include cosplay elements.