Waffling On 

Waffling On is a social enterprise set up by Splinter Group. Everybody that has taken part has benefitted in different ways, and enjoyed doing so. We take a recently purchased trailer to various events in Northumberland and sell waffles and milkshakes at the event. Splinter Group members are responsible for making the waffles, crepes and milkshakes, with all those serving up to date on hygeine qualifications. There is also a learning differences-awareness quiz that can be taken too, with all answers helping provide inspiration for our future awareness campaigns. All ingredients are sourced with allergies in mind, we have been checked by the Food Standards Agency and there are always two mixtures of waffle mix provided. If you have an allergy, or are on a specific diet, say so and we can accomodate it and advise. 


For more information, see the website (link below)



Does this sound like something you would be interested in taking part in? Do you want to become a SpLinter Group member? More information here and you can contact us too.