Running our own group

SpLinter Group is led and run by its members, with support from support assistants and volunteers. So everything we do is our choice, whether it's courses, trips, projects or campaigns.

Understanding Different is Good

We have set up a social enterprise called Waffling On to improve awareness of how to really include people with learning differences. Try our quiz to test your understanding, check out information and support for employers, find out how to hire our waffle stall

Working with others

We work with other organisations to make sure that young adults with learning differences get the best chance to live independently on our own terms.

Thank you to our funders and supporters


 Our aims and activities are difficult to keep going. We are very pleased to have support from our funders and partners. As a sponsor your company's name can also be displayed here and take pride in the opportunities we have to offer to people with learning differences and the communities they live and work in.


Read a short summary on each of our projects here...